SEASON 2003 - 2004

vampire cowboy trilogy: new york premiere
Nearly a year after their premiere in NYC, The Vampire Cowboys returned to their roots by unleashing VAMPIRE COWBOY TRILOGY onto the New York stages. A huge box office and critical success, the undead wranglers of the theatre rolled through their first full production with sold-out houses and reviews that would make any theatre proud. Vampire Cowboy Trilogy is a three-part fight spectacle following the stories of one estranged paranormal investigator, two colorful Cold War superheroes, and a high school full of teenage warrior princesses. This fast-paced comedic tour de force skewers the worlds of detective film noir, all-American comic books, and Chop-Socky kung fu films while pushing the limits of theatrical performance. Complete with Martial Arts Action, Over-the-top Humor, and Vampire Cowboy Cheerleaders hand-selected by Maxim Magazine's Editorial Associate, Jaclyn Gleisinger, this show will have the audience cheering. An Action Play in Full Color 3D Vamp-O-Vision. This is not your parent's theatre!

"Vampire Cowboy Trilogy deserves to be New York’s next big hit!"
-- Martin Denton, NYTHEATRE.COM

"Terrific fun for fans of almost any theatrical genre. Vampire Cowboy Trilogy has all the makings of becoming a long-running cult classic."
-- Elias Stimac, BACKSTAGE

"Vampire Cowboy Trilogy is funny, witty, and features some of the most innovative stage combat I have seen. If you are looking for laughs, you will find them here."

"The fight scenes are great . . . they are intricately choreographed and a tremendous amount of silly fun."
-- Matthew Murray, TALKIN’ BROADWAY

"It’s a blast! It’s too much fun for 90 minutes to hold."
-- Theatregeek NYC, BACKSTAGE.COM

Production: March 5- 27, 2004 at The Common Basis Theatre
Co-Created by: Qui Nguyen & Robert Ross Parker
Producer: Abby Marcus
Assistant Director: S. Caden Hethorn
Scene/Lighting Designer: Nick Francone
Costume Designer: Christopher M. Domanski
Sound Designer: Matthew Given
Fight Choreographer: Qui Nguyen
Fight Captain: Dan Deming
Dance Choreographer: Sarah Maxfield
Dance Captain: Margie Freeswick
Composer: Dan Deming
Stage Management: Jennifer B. Havey (PSM), Emily Edwards (ASM/Understudy)
Fundraising Coordinator: Jaclyn Gleisinger
Publicity/Press Rep: Adam Klasfeld, Klasfeld Publicity
Graphics/Web Designer: Quang Nguyen & Hei Mhann Visuals
Cast: Dan Deming, Caitlin Dick, Margie Freeswick, Megan Ketch, Melissa Paladino,
Andrea Marie Smith, & Temar Underwood

by Dan Deming, Tim Marcus, & Qui Nguyen
Ballad of the Vampire Cowboys
VC3 remix
Pokey VC3 Theme
Jake Misco Theme
Hooded Menace Theme of Destruction
Killing is Bad

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