THE BEGINNING: 2000 - 2002

a beginner's guide to deicide
With Deicide, the Vampire Cowboys proved to be a company that would aggressively challenge form, style, and convention. Premiering at the 2002 Ohio University Seabury Quinn Playwrights Festival, A Beginner’s Guide to Deicide left audiences awestruck with its unique blend of comedy, combat, and the controversial in this play about a Catholic Schoolgirl's journey through time to find and assasinate God.

Original Production: 2002 Seabury Quinn Playwright's Festival at Ohio University
Co Created by: Qui Nguyen and Robert Ross Parker
Light Design: Dustin Efrid
Costumes: Jill Glaser
A.D./Stage Manger: Karli Dalton

Cast: Joy Billings, Caitlin Dick, Dan Deming
Guest Performers: Lindsay Brill, Beth Montegomery, Bob Moran

vampire cowboy trilogy

Every legend has its beginning, Trilogy is the Vampire Cowboy’s. Premiering at the 2000 Ohio University Seabury Quinn Playwrights Festival as a fringe event, Trilogy quickly stole the spotlight. A fast paced comedic tour de force, Vampire Cowboy Trilogy takes the world of Superheroes, Film Noir, and Chop Saki Kung Fu flicks and puts them on their head.

Original Production: 2000 Seabury Quinn Playwights Festival at Ohio University
Co-created by: Qui Nguyen and Robert Ross Parker
Stage Manager: Stephanie Dean
Lighting Design: Isaac Castille

Cast: Dan Deming, Rich Davis, Courtney Decoskey, Melissa Paladino, Lauren Smith, Genevieve Cox, and Heidi Slone

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