LIVING DEAD IN DENMARK Fan Art by Jeremy Arambulo

In May of 2006, Vampire Cowboys premiered its most ambitious and successful show to date, LIVING DEAD IN DENMARK. The play, an action adventure/horror sequel to Shakespeare's HAMLET, performed to sold-out houses, rave reviews, and introduced an all-new crop of artists to Vampire Cowboys' already impressive stable of theatre professionals. With fights by Marius Hanford and zombie masks/blood & gore effects by GWAR co-founder, Chuck Varga, LIVING DEAD IN DENMARK soared to new heights of spectacle never before seen on a VCTC stage.

WINNER Best Choreography/Movement
by the 2006 New York Innovative Theatre Awards!

Nominated Best Production of a Play,
Best Original Score, Best Costume Design, Best Sound Design,
by The 2006 New York Innovative Theatre Awards

"A perfect storm of theater - and horror - geek obsessions."
- David Cote, TIMEOUT/NY

“Hilarious and witty. From the reaction of the youthful standing room only house, Vampire Cowboys is reaching the untapped audience that other theatres can only drool over. A BACKSTAGE critic's pick!”
– Victor Gluck, BACKSTAGE

"LIVING DEAD IN DENMARK is inspired and offbeat theatre. It is entertaining and raucous, occasionally crass, surprisingly moving in places, and entirely original. If you want to see something a little unusual that will also renew your faith in what theatre can be, check out the Vampire Cowboys."
– Michael Criscuolo, NYTHEATRE.COM

“Blasts lower Manhattan’s cooler than cool theater out of competition. Fast paced, fresh, full of action, clever lines and wrapped in classic youthful fearlessness.”

“Highly entertaining . . . a full-out assault on Shakespeare in the form of B-movie madness and some seriously kick-ass stage combat. Vampire Cowboys Theater Company's mission is to entertain by first engaging its audiences. It prides itself on keeping them on the edge of their seats, and with LIVING DEAD IN DENMARK, it achieves its goal.”
– Sean Michael O'Donnell, OFFOFFONLINE

"Guaranteed to be fun and fierce!"

Production: May 4 - May 21, 2006 at Center Stage, NY
Written by: Qui Nguyen

Director: Robert Ross Parker
Fight Director: Marius Hanford
Producer: Abby Marcus
Scenic/Lighting Designer: Nick Francone
Costume Designer: Jessica Wegener
Zombie Masks/Blood & Gore Effects: Chuck Varga/GWAR
Puppet Design/Construction:
David Valentine
Graphic Media: Nathan Lemoine
Composer: Dan Deming
Additional Sound: Jeff Lorenz
Associate Fight Directors: Maggie Macdonald & Jason Schumacher
Master Electrician/Sound Board Op: Christian T. Chan
Assistant Stage Managers: Kodi McLachlan & Sharon Walsh
Publicity/Press Rep: Publicity Outfitters
Photographer: Theresa Squire
Cast: Carlo Alban, Jason Liebman, Maggie Macdonald, Tom Myers, Melissa Paladino, Jason Schumacher, Maureen Sebastian, Andrea Marie Smith, Temar Underwood, & Amy Kim Waschke

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